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To model the wear and tear of interaction/fatigue in the bearings, it is necessary to adopt a ground contact fatigue (RCF) model with a previously modified profile (on both surfaces) due to wear. in this way, the two phenomena interact (wear and fatigue). Each time wear changes the profile, a new distribution of contact printing must be calculated for the fatigue model. This process reflects what happens in real life. However, it is mathematically very expensive considering that typical CPR lives can cover millions of overflows. For example, there are simplifications that greatly reduce computational costs: Professor Cornelia Betsch, Professor Heisenberg in Health Communication at the University of Erfurt, spoke about the psychology behind pandemic fatigue and said that fear is a motivator for protective behaviour, but decreases when people adapt to the threat. Fatigue also occurs when we do the same things over and over again for a long time, she added. Katrine Bach Habersaat, team leader (ad interim) of WHO`s regional office for Europe, presented the framework developed by WHO`s regional policy for Europe to address the prejudices of pandemic fatigue. It contains 4 key strategies: The current paper will go a little deeper into the main mechanisms of the potential damage-wear-fatigue-combination mode. Modelling and experiments have been carried out to better understand and inform certain preventive precautions. On 5 October, high-level public health experts from more than 30 countries and partner organisations from the WHO European region met remotely to better understand pandemic fatigue and share experiences in managing these issues. Prior to the test, artificial profiling (fig.

6b) was performed in the new bearings, as if they had experienced heavy wear conditions. During the test, some bearings broke down, mainly due to role injuries (fig. 6c), which allowed the life model to be compared with the results of the short test. Exactly the same worn rolls and new discs were taken into account in the model in Figure 5; The results showed a very good match with the lower lifespan limit measured in L10, taking into account Weibull`s statistics. In recent weeks, many countries have reported an increase in „pandemic fatigue“—people feel unmotivated when they follow recommended behaviours to protect themselves and others from the virus. There was broad consensus among participants on the need to continue the debate on the issue of pandemic control through a regular forum. The WHO Regional Office for Europe has also proposed the creation of a permanent storage site for national experiments. In some applications, bearings may experience significant material loss (wear) due to lack of enamel, abrasive particles, corrosion, oscillace rotation and other causes. Such wear can in turn have adverse effects on storage operations, ranging from reduction of pre-stress to potentially catastrophic effects. A frequent and perhaps unexpected consequence of uneven wear in storage pathways is the increasing possibility of surface fatigue. In some applications, it is not uncommon to see strips of surface difficulty or the surface of the rink along the racetracks. This is related to the possibility of a change in the profile of the racetrack by uneven wear that can result in a concentration of tension in high pressure lines and a lower film thickness.

In the case of cylindrical thrust bearings, the sliding varies linearly (decreased) from the two edges of the roller to the slope line, with zero slippage (fig.