It Services Agreement Plc

2.1.3 Rates do not include travel, hotel or living expenses, nor does the cost of equipment and external services related to the performance of professional services. These are calculated monthly late. 11.14 Independent development. Nothing in the agreement is interpreted to prevent any of the parties from independently developing, supplying or acquiring materials, services, products, programs or technologies similar to the purpose of the agreement, provided that the party does not breach its obligations under the contract. 2.15.1 The customer agrees that he is responsible for the company (both during and after the end of this contract) and that he is held responsible for all costs, receivables, receivables, expenses, expenses, damages or losses (including, but not limited, to damages, loss of earnings, interest, penalties, rights and other professional expenses) that are claimed or claimed by third parties directly or indirectly arising from the use or content of the „application“ (except for the use by the company or the resulting content); or the client`s failure to comply with any of its „application“ obligations or under this agreement. 2.13.1 The contract comes into effect on the date on which this contract is signed by you and is valid for a minimum period of 12 months („minimum period“) from the date the service is made available to you or for a period that we have agreed to in writing. „training services,“ training and certification services for Google products and services for individuals or user groups called training. „services,“ ongoing advisory and implementation services described on, as well as similar consulting or implementation services to help the customer use Google products and services. Services do not include training services. 2.3 No personal data. The customer recognizes that Google does not need to process personal data to run the services. The customer will not grant Google access to personal data unless the parties have agreed in a separate agreement on the extent of the work and the terms of Google`s handling of that personal data.

„Google Technology“ refers to: (a) Google`s background IP, (b) all intellectual property rights and know-how applicable to Google products and services, as well as (c) tools, codes, algorithms, modules, materials, documentation, reports and technologies that have been developed in relation to services generally intended for other Google customers, including derivatives and improvements in Google`s background.