Non Disclosure Agreement Ihk

Confidential information, The following information is, for the purposes of this Agreement, all information, documents, documents and data, written or written relating to a party, including, but not limited, to the commercial activities of a party, its products, services and customers that the user receives directly or indirectly from IFS, as well as any information clearly identified as confidential by ifSS by an appropriate caption or if it is confidential at the time of disclosure. This agreement, confidentiality agreement and other agreements/contracts signed between IFS and the user`s employer constitute the entire confidentiality agreement between the parties and are only amended by a written agreement duly signed by the parties. The contracting parties undertake to develop, within the framework of opinion agreements, a fair and equitable agreement through mediation with the support of a neutral conciliator, taking into account economic, legal, personal and social conditions. All disputes arising from this contract or its validity are before the courts in accordance with the conciliation regulations of the institution of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry … (z.B. XXXXX – the name of the nearest ICC with conciliation body). . The user acknowledges that any violation of the agreement will inflict immediate and unrepublisted harm to the IFS. The fine and applicable rules are governed by a confidentiality agreement signed between the IFS and the user`s employer. There is nothing in this clause, except for other remedies that IFS may have as a result of a violation of this agreement.

If the user leaves the business of the company collaborating with IFS, the user is required to no longer use all IFS websites and to inform the IFS webmaster. All disputes, controversies or claims arising from this Agreement or its violation, termination or invalidation are settled definitively by arbitration, in accordance with the rules of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute. The arbitral tribunal is composed of a single arbitrator. These agreements are also called confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure. For large projects (for example. B software development or outsourcing), the confidentiality agreement is concluded as a stand-alone contract before the actual exchange of information begins.