Random Screening Agreement

Question 8: If a driver works for two or more employers, in what random pool should the driver be involved? [Company name] employees randomly test compliance with their drug-free work policy every quarter. Random testing means that employees are selected for tests with a computer-based random number generator. The result is the same probability that every employee in the entire group will be tested. Guidelines: in accordance with the provisions of Articles 382.305 (i) (3) and 382.305 (l), each driver selected for the trial is tested during the selection period; and go to the collection centre immediately after the selection is announced for random alcohol and/or drug testing. In case of unforeseen obstacles, the driver should immediately contact the DU employer to receive instructions at another collection centre. These „unpredictable barriers“ do not negate the employer`s responsibility to manage the necessary review. Question 1: Is a driver who is on duty but not assigned a driving task considered ready to perform a safety function in accordance with section 382.107, which subjects the driver to a random blood alcohol test? As a general rule, staff and staff must agree to be tested for drugs prior to employment and then accept drug testing by survey for the remainder of their employment. However, for legal reasons, employers must have documented and legitimate suspicions about a worker`s drug use before requiring their employees to submit to drug testing by survey. Although random tests are legal, they are subject to normal testing rules.

Employers must inform workers of the review protocol; in some cases, it may even be necessary to advertise the workplace at the time of a future test. Question 2: What are the employer`s obligations with respect to random testing of a worker who does not drive in the normal duties of the worker but who has a commercial licence (CDL) and who may be asked to drive at any time on an occasional or emergency basis? When a court orders a person to undergo random drug testing, they generally give the person a choice between centres to choose from based on their location and accessibility.