York University Collective Agreements

The yufa collective agreement expired on April 30, 2015. At the end of May 2015, YUFA began negotiations with the employer for a new and improved collective agreement. The mandate of faculty relations includes the provision of the following services: contract negotiations relating to the collective agreements YUFA, OHFA, CUPE 3903 units 1.2,3 and 4, OPSEU 578 units 1 and 2 collective agreements. If you have access to magazine content through a university, library or employer, Sign up for YUFA Executive Unanimously Endorses 2009 Settlement If you have access to the journal through a company or associations, read the following instructions #2: Why-Doesnt-the-Employer-Trust-Faculty-FINAL An interim agreement was reached on February 9, 2016 and was ratified by membership on February 23, 2016. . They can be connected simultaneously via one or all of the methods below. Read the backgrounder (PDF) of York University All-Union Pension Group (YUPG) Draft Primary Negotiating Positions Sent to Stewards` Council Invitation for STEWARDFA Members to Participate in the Bargaining Process Contact us if you are having trouble registering. Hold discussion sessions with the Contract Review Board Some social magazines require you to create a personal profile and then activate your social account If you have access to a newspaper through an association or association, please consult your social newspaper, select an article to view it and follow the instructions in that field. Little movement on key yuFA proposals (September 21, 2015) Depending on the situation, no specific benefit applies. Please call the Union office if you have any questions about your benefits. Background #1: Is York really broke? (June 23, 2015) YUFA Executive Endorses Attempt Settlement July 2012 Chief Negotiator: Scott Forsyth Bargaining Team Members: Sheila Embleton Frances Lahford Justin Podur Art Redding Miriam Smith Richard Wellen (exo) Read the YUPG proposal for the Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) Member Meeting and Vote Vote Announce Access to The Journal`s Content in our titles.