Api Access Agreement

There is a price limit per application or service that uses the Xola API, and you agree that you must meet this tariff limit at all times. The price limit is 900 calls per 15 min per application per Xola account. These tariff limits and tariff restrictions may change from time to time at our discretion immediately after publication. The use of methods to compromise price limitation is a violation of these api conditions and results in an immediate and irrevocable suspension of your license and access to our API. These API terms, along with the Slack Application Developer Policy, form a binding „contract“ between you and us. „We,“ „our“ and „our“ refers to the applicable Slack unit in the „What Slack contracting With“ section below, and „you“ and „you“ refers to the physical company, company or corporation you represent. The contract does not give you the right to access our online work productivity tools and platforms (the „Services“) or one of our non-public programming interfaces for applications governed by a separate agreement with us (. B, for example, our client conditions). The licensee acknowledges and accepts that Zendesk may change this agreement from time to time, services, API, general API policies and privacy policy (a „change“).

The licensee is informed of a change to this agreement, the Zendesk API or the general policies of the API through notifications or messages on the developer Zendesk`s website. All other changes are communicated via the services, Zendesk websites or any other website owned by Zendesk and operated by Zendesk, or by a form of direct communication from Zendesk with the licensee. The licensee also acknowledges and accepts that such changes are addressed at any time and without notice. Within 30 days of the date of the first notification of changes (or a shorter period) indicated in the change notice (s), the licensee must comply with these changes by implementing and using the most recent version of the API and modifying the applications that may be required as a result of this or any changes. The taker acknowledges that a change can have negative effects on applications, including, but not limited to, changing the way applications communicate with the API and display or transmit service data.