Reverse Repurchase Agreement Traduccion

The Commission`s Delegate Regulation (EU) 2018/1620 has made some changes to the 2015 legislation to improve its practical application. The most important are: this delegated regulation specifies how to apply the general principle established by Regulation (EU) 575/2013, the Capital Regulation, according to which credit institutions must have sufficient resources to meet disbursement requests over a 30-day period. The settlement, known as CPR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio), defines assets that should be considered liquid assets. It defines how cash outflows and expected cash inflows should be calculated over a 30-day period. Credit institutions must maintain a liquidity coverage ratio of at least 100%. This corresponds to the ratio of liquidity cushions to net cash outflows over 30 days. Detailed rules and calculations are used to determine and measure cash outflows and outflows and procedures.