Service Level Agreement University

The divisional change management process (CAB) minimizes involuntary service interruptions or other effects on campus as a result of changes in the production environment. The division monitors, manages and evaluates changes to maximize service benefits to the customer while minimizing the risks associated with these changes. If you consider your incident request to be urgent, contact The Desk Service at 402-280-1111 and select Option 4. This ensures that your ticket is relayed as quickly as possible. Examples of urgent incidents include notification of a service outage or reporting effects on patient care or instructions. Question 19 describes students` overall satisfaction with the library and its services. Contact your Technology Coordinator (TC) for services that are not in the service catalogue. The contact information for each TC is provided by TBD. A service request means that a customer imposes a requirement on the division for a service as it is published in the service catalogue. There are seven ways to contact the query department. The in-person service is available during regular operating hours in the lower level of the Reinert Alumni Library, M-F 8AM until 17:00.

Service pages may display additional in-person locations or overtime for this specific service. Service Level Agreements (LSAs) are our commitment to library staff, students and visitors and the level of service expected they receive from the customer service team. Our SLA performance is published here as soon as the data has been collected and analyzed. The quality of all customer interactions will always be monitored in order to achieve the agreed ALA objectives. Our performance data is audited every 6 months to inform development areas and celebrate customer service success. A Service Level Contract (SLA) is a service obligation between It Technology Services (the service provider) and the customer who procures the technology service. The SLA ITS and Campus is our overall agreement that we will continue to partner with. H20 Chemicals Ltd, water hygiene specialist is the current supplier of water hygiene, they offer a water hygiene service for the University of Nottingham.

These include testing, temperature monitoring and maintenance of facilities and facilities, as well as water cooling tower maintenance, chemical analysis and chemical maintenance. Our goal is to communicate effectively on all these services with the faculties, schools and departments of the university. We are constantly looking to improve everything we do and how we communicate with the broader university community. You can also contact Crimson Service Desk by email at or by phone at 509-335-4357 for more information. The cleaning team of most buildings starts around 0600 to 0900 (with a few exceptions) with some full-time cleaners offering service in a number of buildings that serve heavily used areas and toilets until late afternoon. Cleaning and house workers also report minor defects on a daily basis that they find in the premises for which they are responsible to their supervisor for their transmission to Helpdesk. In this case, the operating requirement number is retained by the household staff or ba. The complete tasks of the cleaning staff are visible on page 6 next to the frequencies. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reflect our customer-focused, service-based commitment. We are committed to: production means university staff, faculty and users depend on the service to accomplish business and academic tasks and objectives.

Phone errors and the movement of telephone points should be reported to the University Telephone Services Helpdesk at 13030, the email address is The head of the security service is the person responsible for making the security service available.