Snow Plow Subcontractor Agreement

The client recognizes that the contractor cannot reasonably expect to completely prevent snow or ice on the client`s property. In addition, the client undertakes not to violate the contractor`s snow removal contract when circumstances beyond the contractor`s control, such as extreme weather or national disasters, prevent them from performing ice or snow removal services. PandaTip: You and your client will sign this model for snow removal contracts. Once the contract is signed, you can download a copy for your recordings. The contractor must make a monthly invoice for the services provided available to the client. Invoices are estimated on a time and equipment basis, calculated on the basis of hourly rates and equipment costs in the price scale of this snow removal contract: this snow removal contract is concluded from [Contract.CreatedDate] and extends over a period of one year. The contract is between [Sender.Company], the contractor and [Client.Name] the customer. The contractor undertakes to take out active commercial liability insurance for the duration of this snow removal contract. A copy of this insurance policy is made available to the customer upon request. In addition, the contractor agrees to describe the client as a „complementary guarantee“ in its policy of commercial civil liability. The client undertakes to exempt and compensate the contractor for any claim of loss or damage, except for the intent or gross negligence of the contractor, its staff or its licensed subcontractors. [Sender.Company] is considered an independent contractor under this snow removal contract.

As such, the contractor is solely responsible for the payment of salaries, benefits, taxes and other related expenses of his own employees and contractors. By signing below, the client and the contractor agree to comply with and apply this snow removal contract for a one-year period that ends on [Contract.EndDate]. PandaTip: In this section of the model for the snow removal contract, you must obtain written permission from your client before assigning the work submitted to the terms of this contract to subcontractors. The contractor makes every effort to contact the customer to accumulate ice or snow on the indicated land. When the customer requests salinity or snow removal services, the contractor strives to provide these services as quickly as possible. Please note that post-work or public holiday benefits apply to overtime. The contractor provides the following services on request and as required: [Client.Name] Name [client. Street] Street [Client.City], [Client.State] [Client.State] [Client.Zip] City, State, Zip PandaTip: Be sure to list your hourly rate in addition to the equipment charges in the model price table.