Agile Working Agreement Session

Finally be creative in solving your problems and have a little fun with the agreement. After all, it`s a „social“ contract. Planning for Agile is an ongoing activity that requires multiple meetings±. These meetings provide an overview of the progress of a project and take into account the different degrees of complexity required for the success of the iteration. The agreement established by a team is unique to them. At least that is what we hope. One Scrum Master I worked with said, „Here`s an agreement between other teams. Do you remember if we use it? I was a little crippled, to say the least. Gitlab, the open source development tools company, has infused its distributed team culture with a working agreement outlining how remote work should be done. They call it „The Remote Manifesto,“ which is also part of onboarding for new employees. Zach Chapman explains how to create an agreement that works for everyone.

He gives us the example of respecting our teammates. I know I have to be reminded of that from time to time as well. I then declare that we will now create together our first version of our working agreement. This will create a foundation on the behaviors we want to see, listing our mutual expectations and defining what we should be able to respond to each other. By establishing a working agreement, we understand what is important to us to work well together. „Becoming a team means we are committed to working together and supporting each other in our common goals. Kelli, our PO, said: „We unknowingly deprived precisely of the basic amenities of the people we depended on so much. As soon as we were able to get clarification from the teammates, which was tooth and nail, we were able to not only be more accommodating, but also build a certain level of confidence. We were able to move some of the working hours a bit to allow women to work and allow the use of the canteen. This too in the month following the meeting of the working agreement, during which the team shows up on time to get up. Trust takes time to build.

I would say that this day served as the basis for a closer working relationship that in 8 months became a very close relationship. I would say that the biggest success factor of the ongoing relationship with the Indian team has been humanization. After this meeting and with time, we began to engage on a deeper level, to have a personal interest in them, we asked what their weekend was and what they did to celebrate X-Fête. At the beginning of the stand-up, we tried different games to get everyone talking and we found that Trivia was very effective. Not only were they engaged, but we also got to know the similarities we shared, because they too know who Bart Simpson is, how they are at least as smart, if not smarter than us, in global geography. After 8 months, I changed my position within my company. What was really rewarding, about two months later, was that Abdul, one of the members of the Indian team, gave me an MI who contacted me to see how life was like in my new role. The Agile team consisted of 11 employees spread across both locally in Texas and remotely in Mumbai, India. Among the members of the local Texas team were both sm and PO, as well as two engineers: a CTO and a lead developer….