The Atlantic Charter Agreement

There has never been a signed version. The document was hit by several drafts and the agreed final text was telegraphed to London and Washington, DC. Roosevelt gave Congress the content of the Charter on August 21, 1941.[13] Later he said, „There is no copy of the Atlantic Charter, as far as I know. I don`t have one. The British do not have one. The next thing you get is the radio message about Augusta and Prince of Wales. That`s the next thing you`re going to do. There was no formal document. [5] The Americans insisted that the Charter recognize that the war was fought to guarantee self-determination. [22] The British were forced to endorse these goals, but in a speech in September 1941, Churchill declared that the Charter would apply only to states under German occupation and certainly not to those that were part of the British Empire. [23] The most striking feature of the discussion was that an agreement had been reached between a number of countries with differing views, which accepted that domestic policies were relevant to the international problem. [19] The agreement proved to be one of the first steps towards the creation of the United Nations. The Atlantic Charter set goals for the post-war world and inspired many of the international agreements that left their mark on the world thereafter. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the independence of the European colonies after the war and many other key policies stem from the Atlantic Charter.

The points of the Charter, although agreed upon by the signatories and others, were both broader than hoped. On the one hand, they contained phrases of national self-determination that Churchill knew could harm his British allies; on the other hand, they did not contain a formal declaration of American commitment to war….